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training courses for close protection officers

Throughout the year we recruit, train and provide practical training for personnel working for our company in France. We organise and set up training courses for the different levels of the security professions.


Personal protection:
Law and legislation, strategy, behaviour and reaction, role-playing and self-defence.
3 stages: from bodyguards to heads of mission.

Personal security drivers:
Study of itineraries, positioning and behaviour in a convoy, emergency and evasive driving techniques, etc.
(Can be included in the training of close protection officers.).

Weapons and firing:
3 stages: initiation and taking command while firing in situ.
(Can be included in the training of close protection officers. ).

Maritime safety:
Regulation, preparation, navigation, the sea and its dangers, application etc.

Prevention and safety officer:
The basis for all the security professions. Regulation, missions, ethics, role etc.

Fire protection safety:
ERP-IGH [Est. open to public-Very tall buildings] 1 - 2 - 3
3 stages: from fire safety officers to head of fire safety department for establishments to which the public have access and very tall buildings.


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